Full-suspension E-MTBs, ride with no limits!

Front and rear suspension give you the freedom to let off the brakes and fly in full confidence that bumps in the road will be eaten up. Corratec’s engineers have designed E-MTBs that offer as much fun riding uphill as down.

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High performance, no compromise

You may look at our range and wonder, are these really e-bikes? Thanks to clever engineering, we’ve integrated all the electronics into our frames, providing you both an aesthetically beautiful bike, but also one that is planted on the trail with an agile ride feel and low centre of gravity providing a planted and stable ride feel.

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Corratec E-MTB technologies

iLink Technology

The Inside Link System works differently to most mountain bikes on the market. During an uphill ride, you can feel the incredible propulsion of the Inside Link technology. The design of the Inside link means the pedalling force is redirected through the wheelset and not absorbed by the shock. This unique Corratec innovation allows the rider to climb without having to manually lock the rear shock.

Shadow Edge Tube 3.0

The bionic structure of the battery cover provides a superior grip when removing the battery. The cover, which is fully integrated into the frame, is sleek with its flowing lines and ensures a clean look. The specially designed ventilation slots provide the powerful Bosch engine with sufficient airflow and prevent it from overheating. This way the engine ensures maximum power at any time.

Bosch eMotors

Ride with the ultimate flow with the Performance Line CX motor. Experience intuitive handling and a unique riding sensation with this powerful and dynamic drive unit. With the smart system the drive unit is fully networked with the other components on your e-bike - and with the e-bike Flow app you can access digital features such as activity tracking and the e-bike Lock, as well as easily keeping your e-bike constantly up-to-date.

Smart Charge System

The 4A Charger is the perfect charger with many advantages: It loads quickly, is easy to use and is visually appealing. The small and lightweight charger is ideal for on-the-go charging and supplies the PowerTube 750 with the necessary energy in no time: It takes six hours to fully charge the battery, and just over two hours for 50% of a battery charge. The perfect opportunity for a restful break along the way.

Ready to get e-biking?

Feeling inspired and ready for weekends in the mountains? Browse our range of Bosch-powered mountain bikes and choose the spec to satisfy the weekend warrior within.

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2 Year Warranty

Your new bike is under warranty from the moment you buy it. We want you to keep on enjoying your Corratec eBike.

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We have multiple ways to pay for your electric bike, either by credit, debit card or finance options.
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