What is the battery warranty?

Your e-bike battery is guaranteed to maintain a minimum of 60% state of health for 2 years or a maximum of 500 charge cycles. To maintain this warranty the battery must be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and charged every 90 days as a minimum.

How can I claim a refund?

Refunds will only be issued for faulty products which cannot be repaired or replaced.

What does the 2-year warranty cover?

The statutory warranty provisions in the country where the pedelec was purchased shall apply. Warranty claims must be asserted against the bicycle dealer from whom the pedelec was purchased.

In order for warranty and guarantee claims to be asserted, proof of purchase for the relevant pedelec must be provided.

The customer must also register in the ‘Extended guarantee’ section on our website www.corratec.com. The two-year statutory warranty only applies if registration or inspections are not carried out.

What does the 6-year guarantee cover?

In addition to the statutory warranty, the company iko Sportartikelhandels GmbH provides
an extended guarantee for Corratec’s frame and fork. The guarantee is limited to the original purchaser and is non-transferable.

The guarantee is valid for:
• the aluminium frame: 6 years
• full-suspension frame: 6 years
• the carbon frame: 6 years

Product defects identified during the warranty period are rectified free of charge through the replacement or repair of the relevant parts. All guarantee services shall only be provided by a bicycle dealer selected by the company iko Sportartikelhandels GmbH.

The guarantee only applies to pedelecs that have been assembled by a bicycle dealer authorised by the company iko Sportartikelhandels GmbH and which are made roadworthy.

Warranty and guarantee claims cannot be asserted
• for damage resulting from use of the pedelec for a purpose other than described in the user manual.
• for damage resulting from the use of unauthorised replacement parts.
• for damage attributed to a force majeure, accident, improper use, incorrectly performed repairs, wear or inadequate care and maintenance.
• for damage resulting from use of the pedelec for competitive racing.

If a frame is replaced as part of a guarantee claim, the guarantee shall become void and no further guarantee claims can be asserted on the new frame.

How can I make a claim?

In the unlikely event you receive a faulty product, please contact the EBCO support team at 01926 437 700 or email [email protected]. EBCO will arrange for your local dealer to inspect, repair or replace faulty parts under this warranty.

What is not covered by warranty or guarantee?

Please Note: Not all faults are covered by warranty. The below scenarios are NOT covered under warranty.

• Stripped pedal threads.
• Damage from causes other than defects in material or workmanship. For instance, damage caused by crashing your bike.
• Normal wear and tear. Components may show signs of wear and tear in less than two years depending on the amount of use, type of use and other conditions. Some components can be expected to reach the end of their serviceable lifespan within this time under certain use conditions.
• Damage to products improperly installed or repaired.
• Products that have been modified, neglected, abused or poorly maintained.
• Electric bikes that have been de-restricted or modified.
• Punctures

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